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Green hotel

Okanagan’s Green Hotel

The Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites and its’ staff are concerned with the health of the planet we all share. We will do everything that is economically possible, without infringing on guest comfort or staff health, to ensure compliance with the toughest environmental standards available. We will endeavor to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases by using alternative non-polluting technologies where possible. We will encourage our guests to recycle by providing blue boxes in the rooms and lead by example.

solar hybrid water-heating system

In 2002, we started our first project to invest in the future and install an extensive and advanced solar hybrid water-heating system, one of the largest in Canada, thus preventing 90 tonnes per year of greenhouse gases that would have otherwise gone into the atmosphere from burning natural gas. This solar system heats up to 90 % of the water for the hotel’s indoor swimming pool, 2 hot tubs and 154 guest rooms during the four summer months.

Green initiatives

Sustainability plan

Water Conservation
We are currently exceeding building code standards for water saving fixtures. 85% of our over 200 toilets have been swapped for 1.6 gpf. We have upgraded 100% of our faucet aerators and shower heads to low flow options that still provide a comfortable pressure for guests. We have high efficient dishwashers and washing machines, and a “wash when needed” in room linen policy. Reducing the amount of time staff and guests turn on the water for will now be the focus of reducing water by a further 20%.
Minimal Waste
As of 2012, we are diverting 56% of all our waste from the landfill. With improved recycling and composting efforts, we will work towards achieving 90%.
Energy Efficiency
We are focused on saving energy. With geothermal and solar thermal systems, energy star appliances, and high efficiency lighting (LED and CFL) already installed, we are well on our way. But there is always more we can do.
Community & Engagement
We have set a precedent in our community for sustainable business practices. We want other organizations to understand that going green makes economic sense and benefits the planet and local community. By sharing what we do and why we do it, we can inspire and educate those that wish to move towards living a more sustainable life.
Baseline Data
Baseline data in key areas of material and energy inputs and outputs were measured or for the years 2009 to 2012 if available. Continual review of baseline data for utilities shows a company’s commitment to measuring and reducing their environmental impact. The baseline data is not calibrated for weather, building expansion or occupancy, it is simply based on consumption per hotel specific metrics.
Green Team
The Best Western Green Team is a group of dedicated staff and department heads who not only helped shape the Sustainability Action Plan, but also meet monthly to continue to move the action plan forward. The green team members support each other as they work towards completing the actions they are responsible for and share their successes regularly with all hotel staff.
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Electric vehicle charging stations

For guests who are travelling with hybrid or fully electric vehicles, our property has 6 Charge Point chargers, and 8 Tesla Supercharges. 

Environmental Wing

The 1 & 2 Bedroom Suites in our LEED Certified Environmental Wing offer comfort and allow us to exercise our commitment to the environment.

Awards & Recognitions

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  • 2022- Sustainable Tourism Silver Certified
  • 2022 – Biosphere Committed Company through the Responsible Tourism Institute
  • 2011 – Present TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
  • 2015 Eco Base Certified
  • 2015 TripAdvisor Hall of Fame—recognition of receiving the TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence’ for five consecutive years
  • 2014 TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Gold Winner
  • 2013 Green Tourism Gold Winner
  • 2013 LivClean & EcoStay Carbon Neutral Certification – Offset 228% of hotel’s annual footprint
  • 2012 LivClean & EcoStay Carbon Neutral Certification – Offset 276% of hotel’s annual footprint
  • 2012 City of Kelowna Mayor’s Environmental Innovation Award Nominee
  • 2012 LEED Silver Certification for Environmental Wing
  • 2012 Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Global Green Meetings Certification
  • 2011 LivClean & EcoStay Carbon Neutral Certification – Offset 295% of hotel’s annual footprint
  • 2010 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Green Business Sustainability Leader of the Year Award
  • 2010 Environmental Wing Open
  • 2009 Partnership formed EcoStay for Carbon Offsetting Program
  • 2009 BC Tourism Industry Award 2nd Nomination for Environmental Responsible Tourism Award
  • 2009 Climate Smart Certification
  • 2009 Minister’s Environmental Award of Excellence for Climate Action
  • 2009 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Green Business Hospitality Award
  • 2008 Partnership formed with Zerofootprint for Carbon Offsetting Program
  • 2007 BC Tourism Industry Award Nominee for Environmental Responsible Tourism Award
  • 2007 Hotel Assoc. of Canada Energy & Environmental Award
  • 2006 Hotel Assoc. of Canada 4 Green Key Eco Rating designation